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About us

Betterbites is a not-for-profit food production service that aims to provide healthier food options to community, school and sporting canteens in the ACT.

All proceeds from the sale of Betterbites™ products goes towards nutrition education programs in the ACT community.

By purchasing Betterbites™ products you are offering healthier options for your community and supporting nutrition education for children and their future health.

All of our products are specially designed and tested by qualified nutritionists to ensure they meet the GREEN or AMBER criteria of the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines.

Wherever possible, we use fresh, local ingredients.

Our standard and large Spinach & Ricotta rolls and Better Burger Patties all contain a full serve of vegetables each. That's right, a serve of veges in each!

Betterbites aims to deliver all orders on a nominated day each week with free delivery for minimum set orders.

We encourage conversations and feedback from our customers and other stakeholders as we shape the service into a sustainable business.

Betterbites is a registered Trademark of Nutrition Australia ACT Inc.